At Peninsula Funerals “quality service” is what we do

Procedure to follow at the time of death of your loved one.

  1. Call the house doctor if available, if not then the paramedics.
  2. Call the police.
  3. Call Peninsula Funerals.

We arrange the following:

  • Burials

  • Cremations

  • Newspaper

  • Family car

  • Chapel

  • Repatriations

  • Flowers

  • Organist, Minister, Verger

  • Pamphlets

  • Collecting of your loved one at place of death – Hospital, Care facility or Home.
  • Care of your loved one at our well equipped facility.

  • Arranging the funeral service at our offices or in the comfort of your home.

  • Arranging and collecting of the documentation from the doctor or care facility.

  • We register the death and obtain the death certificate from the Department of Home Affairs and provide you with the original death certificate as well as certified copies to the next of kin.

  • In the case of cremation we supply the next of kin with the ashes and the cremation certificate after cremation took place.

  • We also assist with funeral policies for families or individuals up to the age of 84. (Please enquire at our offices for further information.)

Funeral Packages at Durbanville Memorial Park

Together with Durbanville Memorial Park we offer you complete packages of different cremation and burial options.

Burial Package
Burial Package
Cremation Package
Cremation Package

Be prepared, help your loved ones

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making arrangements for your next of kin as simple as can be: